Sep 17, 2007

ME1 High Definition Multimedia Enclosure

ME1 High Definition Multimedia Enclosure

· Play music, high resolution photo, and HD video
· Browse photo with background music playing
· One Touch Record and Time-shift input video from AV-in port
· Upscale video quality to NTSC/PAL progressive scan, 720p, or 1080i
· Stream file from PC in the LAN through Ethernet port
· Play file firm USB storage device, and USB card reader through USB 2.0 Host port
· As an external USB HDD of PC through USB Device port
· Support both NTSC and PAL video in and video out
· Support various multimedia formats
· Support 3.5” IDE type HDD


uo6lh4s02 said...

This is a great media player but has a few bugs. Are there plans for an software upgrades?

The Guru said...

Good Mediaplayer But the Firmware (Softwer) is very defected and not implementated. for example in not possible insert any date or time for recor program and the machine (ME1) is costantley blocked to bad gestion software.
Timeshift over 20-30 minuts block the ME1 .
For debloccking is necessary leve alimentation.

Is possible on future an Upgrade to this machine?