Jun 24, 2008

Emprex IRF Wireless Internet Radio Receiver with alarm (no PC needed)

Emprex IRF is a compact size and self functional Internet Radio Receiver. You don't need to turn your PC on. IRF can play radio program directly from thousands of built-in worldwide internet radio stations. From the USB host port, IRF can play audio files, with MP3 and WMA formats, from USB storage device. You can record any preferred radio program into USB storage and playback later. With built-in speakers, you can enjoy radio program anywhere. IRF supports both WiFi and wire internet access ability. IRF enhances your digital lifestyle.


  • Self functional Internet Radio Receiver (no PC needed)
  • Built-in more than 10000 links to worldwide internet radio stations
  • Station link can be auto updated
  • Can store 250 station links in My Favorite
  • Play MP3 and WMA files from built-in USB host port
  • Record and playback radio program from USB storage device
  • Supports WiFi connection
  • Built-in compact size stereo speakers
  • Supports multi languages for on screen menu

Emprex MZ3 Multimedia HDD Enclosure

MZ3 Multimedia HDD Enclosure, offering simple connectivity and solution to enhance your multimedia digital lifestyle. Apart from being a multimedia player, it acts as a storage bank for keeping your photo, video and music content, all in one attractive enclosure.


  • Play music, high resolution photo, and video

  • Support slide show, and background music play

  • Support various multimedia formats

  • Support DVD navigation function

  • Upscale video quality to 480p,576p, and 720p

  • As an external USB HDD of PC through USB Device port

  • Support NTSC and PAL video output

  • Support both NTFS and FAT32 file system

  • Support 3.5” SATA type HDD

Sep 20, 2007

MR1 High Definition (HD) Media Record/Play Center

MR1 High Definition (HD) Media Record/Play Center

MR1 HD Media Center is equipped with PAL and DVB-T tuners for realtime recording of analog and digital TV programs. It features USB 2.0 ports for connecting to external A/V devices or PCs for music, video and photo playback.It supports MP3, WMA, PCM, AC3 and DTS audio formats: MPEG-1/2, DivX, AVI, VOB, DAT and XviD videos; and jpeg image files.It also supports 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN file transfers. Supported video modes include 480p, 720i, 720p, and 1080i.


· Play HD quality Video, Photo, and Music
· Watch and record TV program using the Time-shifting function
· Support both real-time and schedule recoding
· Record videos from DV-IN (IEEE P1394) and AV-IN port
· Up-scale the video output quality
· Stream and transfer files through Ethernet and USB 2.0 Host port
· Serve as an external USB HDD (Through USB 2.0 Device port)
· Support various multimedia formats
· Support dual tuners, Analog (NTSC or PAL) and Digital (DVB-T)
· Equipped with a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector
· Built-in 3.5 inch HDD

Sep 17, 2007

ME1 High Definition Multimedia Enclosure

ME1 High Definition Multimedia Enclosure

· Play music, high resolution photo, and HD video
· Browse photo with background music playing
· One Touch Record and Time-shift input video from AV-in port
· Upscale video quality to NTSC/PAL progressive scan, 720p, or 1080i
· Stream file from PC in the LAN through Ethernet port
· Play file firm USB storage device, and USB card reader through USB 2.0 Host port
· As an external USB HDD of PC through USB Device port
· Support both NTSC and PAL video in and video out
· Support various multimedia formats
· Support 3.5” IDE type HDD

Sep 14, 2007

D250PE Security HDD Enclosure

D250PE Security HDD Enclosure


· Hardware AES 128-bit Encryption and Decryption
· Dual level password authentication:
· Dynamic virtual keyboard and
· Visual Bitmap identifications to prevent phishing
· "Plug and Play" auto-boot security feature
· USB 2.0 Hi speed/Full speed and USB 1.1 support
· Support 2.5 inch P-ATA Hard Disk
· USB powered, no external power needed
· Compatible with Windows and Mac OS platform

Triple Security for Data Protection :

Password Authentication for Drive offers Lockable Drive feature for higher security.


Prevent Phishing Attack with Dynamic Keys. A Secure Dynamic Virtual Keyboard for password entry.


Prevent Access and Deny Encryption. Files are unable to be read when unit is stolen or missing

Sep 13, 2007

NSD-100 P2P Download Device

NSD-100 P2P Download Device

Perform intelligent 24 hours, day and night BT download, anti-hackers and power saving without via PC.
P2P Download Device NSD-100 is designed for helping BT users who met these problems like power waste, PC resource sharing and anti-hackers while running P2P.


· Perform intelligent 24 hours, day and night BT download, anti-hackers and power saving without via PC
· Intelligent guiding software is easy for operation and setting
· No trouble to read/write external HDD with Linux or FAT32 format ( * Due to FAT32 limitation, each of the file size cannot excess 4GB. Linux format is recommended)
· High-speed USB2.0 printer sharing function is suitable for SOHO to save power and money
· Sharing and managing your files via FTP function
· Support UPNP and easy to stream AV data via LAN
· Intelligent download management could achieve 20 BT seeds and 4 files download at the same time
· Intellectual E-mail notification for completed download