Sep 14, 2007

D250PE Security HDD Enclosure

D250PE Security HDD Enclosure


· Hardware AES 128-bit Encryption and Decryption
· Dual level password authentication:
· Dynamic virtual keyboard and
· Visual Bitmap identifications to prevent phishing
· "Plug and Play" auto-boot security feature
· USB 2.0 Hi speed/Full speed and USB 1.1 support
· Support 2.5 inch P-ATA Hard Disk
· USB powered, no external power needed
· Compatible with Windows and Mac OS platform

Triple Security for Data Protection :

Password Authentication for Drive offers Lockable Drive feature for higher security.


Prevent Phishing Attack with Dynamic Keys. A Secure Dynamic Virtual Keyboard for password entry.


Prevent Access and Deny Encryption. Files are unable to be read when unit is stolen or missing

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